The mission is to:
- Contribute to the maintenance and development of Palestinian identity.
- Improve the quality of life of the Palestinian people.
- Strengthen social responsibility through community empowerment


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Our Annual Reports

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Our Programs

Young Women Empowerment Program Young Women Empowerment Program
The Trust became aware of the need of such a program through out its active role in Jerusalem. Our social workers have made several home visits to serve various programs and after the studies made we found out that there is a part of this community who was not yet involved in our activities.
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Learn-By-Play Learn-By-Play
This program trains student volunteers and young women from the young women training program, to coach and promote children having problems at school. This program was a result of the difficult political, economical and social situation effecting the pupils and causing a high drop-out rate in the schools. Most of the students we help are living under hard conditions, it is often difficult for parents to adequately prepare their children to meet the schools expectations and the curriculum may not always be in line with the childs reality. The program aims at:
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Mother to Mother Mother to Mother
It originally launched as a health and nutrition education framework in which mothers with paraprofessional training assist their peers and provide support in parenting. The Palestinian communities in general suffer from a lack of services in the field of preschool education and a dramatic shortage of qualified personnel. But it is also the parents who lack important information regarding the upbringing of children. The Mother-to-Mother program supports them in fulfilling their role adequately.
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Woman's Empowerment Woman's Empowerment
supports women in becoming qualified and constructive partners who take part in public life and are involved in community development. The program first started as a module within the Mother-to- Mother Program and because of its significance it became a program of its own at the end of 1996.
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Combating Domestic Violence Program Combating Domestic Violence Program
Which was initiated as a result the socio-political and economical situation resulting in spread of domestic violence against women and children. The Trust developed this program with the support of BMZ through Caritas Germany to deal with this phenomenon and continues to develop new capabilities to equip it with the necessary skills and technical know how to face the challenges of family violence. The need for skills is ever increasing.
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Teachers On-the-Job Training Program Teachers On-the-Job Training Program
that supports preschool teachers lacking formal qualification with the expertise needed to improve their work. Our work with teachers aims at raising the level of professionalism among preschool teachers, dealing with limited resources, involving the parents at schools, and helping the children feel accepted and loved. The program starts with The Basic Course:
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Health Program at Kindergartens Health Program at Kindergartens

The projects main objective is contributing to improve basic health conditions of the refugees in the Shufat refugee camp through health education and primary care. It is implemented in cooperation with the the Province of Upper Austria through GEZA.

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